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Dublin Fire Brigade (Ireland)

Recipient of the 2009 Ireland Medal

In addition to providing a 365 day fire, rescue and ambulance service, Dublin Fire Brigade also has water rescue units based at three locations throughout Dublin City.

Rescue boats are moored on the River Liffey close to Tara Street Fire Station and all front line fire engines carry two dry suits for use in water rescue situations.

The brigade has 70 fully trained rescue boat crew, 300 Swift Water Rescue Technicians and over 1000 Swift Water First Responders.

All are volunteers and do not receive extra salary for holding water rescue qualifications.

Dublin Fire Brigade responds to approximately 145,000 emergency calls annually. The crews responding to call-outs are fully trained to deal with a fire, ambulance and water rescue situations.

In the 10 years since the water rescue units were established fire fighters in Dublin have attended over 2000 water related incidents and over 1000 persons have been rescued from drowning.