On Thursday 1st of October 2014 the Lifesaving Foundation allocated a full day of presentations during our conference on the publication of the new edition of the Drowning Handbook. As a bonus we have decided to show the filmed presentations from that day to show what kind of presentations we do and how the finished film looks after production. 

Right mouse click, select save link as, then once selected file has downloaded it can be opened using Windows Media Player. If you click directly on file you will hear the audio only.

Dr. Joost Bierens MD. PhD. Editor Drowning - An Overview

Prof. Richard Franklin PhD. The Epidemiology of Drowning

Prof. (E) Robert Stallman PhD. The Prevention of Drowning

Dr. Kevin Moran PhD. Rescue

Dr. Justin Sempsrott MD Pre-hospital Treatment

Dr. Joost Bierens MD. PhD. Hospital Treatment

Wing Cdr. Michael Fonfe (Rtd)Water Related Disasters

Prof. Michael Tipton PhD. The physiology of cooling in cold water

Dr. Ana Catarina Queiroga PhD. Higher academic education in lifesaving

John Connolly Suicidal Drownings

Dr. David Szpilman MD Drowning - classifications, positioning victims, and spinal injuries

Prof. Richard Franklin PhD. A framework for prevention

Dr. Joost Bierens MD. PhD. Pathophysiology of drowning

Jonathon Webber Airway management skills & Equipment for aquatic First Responders

Dr. Kevin Moran PhD. Towards a definition of Aquatic Rescue

John Connolly Recreation and Tourism

Prof. Richard Franklin PhD. Bystander Rescue

Prof. (E) Robert Stallman PhD. Direct body contact swimming rescues

Dr. Ana Catarina Queiroga PhD. Extremes in medical facilities at beaches